Reuters reports South Korea conducted a emergency exercise in December 2019. Proactive vs Reactive.


The leaders of the G7 missed the ultimate truth, they pledged to act for the good of all, instead they played politics leaving the the world vulnerable to a threat that was long since predicted. 

Similar politics in China failed to warn others while many acted to slowly to the warnings coming from  The World Health Organization. In late January a billion people in China were locked down. All G7 leaders failed to acknowledge

the significance of this unprecedented event.

A Pandemic in the head.  Panic buying,  hoarding, unsavable lives, fear & uncertainty.
It's like gravity is being warped. Life has

changed dramatically and immediately.   

Containment was possible    instead, reputations were protected over humanity.

Heading 5
Living with covid March 18, 2020

Power, wealth and share holders all have had the luxury of ignoring humanity. 

The Ultimate Truth, a pandemic. Many scientists warned of the threat years ahead as SARS & MERS already revealed what standards of preparedness were necessary. It's not if it's going to happen but when. And then when happened.

During the first days the world learned the truth about the virus from China's medical community as they explained a doctor tried to warn of the new virus but ended up getting arrested then later died from the virus. 

A country whose surveillance cameras monitor the entire population minute by minute in

all public spaces had to know of the markets trading in illegal animals. They were allowed to

continue and many citizens chose to remain silent.

Message to Jordan Sturdy, MLA for West Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton

               May 4, 2020 


       Hello, respectfully I ask you consider the following - 


1.   In 24 hours our lives changed from being healthy and busy with who and what we loved to a profound reversal           in the quality of our lives. In the days that followed many lost elders and had no chance to say goodbye. Others           were trapped on cruise ships and in foreign countries while others were put at risk locked up tight with                         thousands of people in airports. Others needed health care and lost their bed and opportunity for wellness                 prolonging and in some cases worsening a person's condition. An unprecedented number of citizens and                   businesses lost their futures. Children lost their education and social wellbeing.


2.  Federal, Provincial and Municipal Leaders were completely caught off guard despite warnings and previous               experience in outbreaks. The most egregious act was not being familiar with the

     Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Planning document that provides a comprehensive flow of                   protocols for each sector mandated to fulfill as part of their duties and responsibilities. 

    (First published in 2004, updated 2009 and again in 2012.)


3.  In B.C. our premier found time to host a radio show on CBC but not the time to provide citizens with a set of                guidelines for the way forward nor has he provided an action plan in the event of a natural disaster as                          witnessed recently in Ft. McMurray.


    Closing remarks, I am personally deeply offended by all government officials who failed to recognize that a 911         event happened in our world and they ignored it to the degree that it led to our lives being so deeply and                     profoundly warped all the while the Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Planning document that they           are mandated to act upon was not implemented for the sole reason they didn't make any time to practice,                   familiarize or support it with funding. Also, the Global Public Health Intelligence Network GPHIN was not                     available because of the slow response by government to upgrade it's program. 


   I speak for myself only and say this, I could not be anymore disgusted with this outcome and find the entire                response disgraceful. It is also my opinion that whatever good or great things you have done up until now will              mean nothing if you do not challenge this issue with the full intent that is necessary to ensure that all officials              are held accountable with the further caveat that these events will receive the funding and political will that is              bound to forever protect everyone's life and future. 


   Without Reservation,


   Paul Hookham

   Delta Fire Department

   Captain, Retired

May 18 email

 With thanks I have chosen not to accept Mr. Trudeau's  $500.00 Covid-19 compensation gift for his negligence and    his peers disregard for the CPIP and the fact the GPHIN was not funded to receive the much needed upgrade.  

 I ask that he forwards this amount to the budgets of the CPIP and the GPHIN.


 As I have pointed out previously, Canadians are within their rights to receive the benefits of the CPIP and all    politicians across the nation had a duty to provide this security to the best of their ability.  

 I understand the difficult position you may find yourself in because to challenge the opposition is to challenge the    PM. I also understand as someone who held the responsibility of other people's lives for 37 years that any lack of    commitment which caused a tragic error would be devastating. I'm pleased to say in my professions all those under  my supervision and care went home. This is where I come from sir and I know the Canadian people are entitled to    receive the same commitment and quality of care from politicians. 


 An interesting feature this morning on CBC where the future of politics is lost on Mr. Sahota as he stated that his    party is leading the way in North America on some front ignoring the fact that we have already gone over the cliff    and all that he is leading is the fall. The future I speak of is this, funding for all Public Safety Programs with    accountability of all officials. 


 Finally, on the subject of Mr. Trudeau's leadership, the head of a political party is not always suited to be the leader    of a pandemic or a country. 


 As always, no reservations,


 Paul Hookham.

 " There's money to move snow but not for public safety programs.


"Music is for everyone."

Johnny Cash